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Portfolio finance

Use legal finance as a strategic business tool

Businesses that wish to fund their entire recovery effort or that want to offset defense costs use portfolio-based legal finance. Firms use portfolio finance to pursue new business, offer alternative fee arrangements and invest in growth.

How it works

Portfolio finance gathers multiple matters in a single capital facility. Capital can be used to fund legal costs associated with the underlying matters or for unrelated business needs.

Capital is typically provided on a non-recourse basis, meaning that Burford assumes downside risk and earns its investment back and a return only in the event of successful resolution. The matters within the portfolio can be a mix of claims and defense, large and smaller matters and different dispute types. Because risk is diversified, cost is often lower. 

Fund legal departments

Companies can fund all of their recovery efforts—and pay costs of defensive positions

Create certainty

Portfolios can be structured to create certainty as to timing of cash flows and expenses.

Grow revenue

Law firms can pitch new clients with attractive terms, expand geographically or grow a new or existing practice area.