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Alyx Pattison and Evan Meyerson to speak at Pritzker School of Law

September 23, 2022

Alyx Pattison, Senior Vice President at Burford, and Evan Meyerson, Senior Vice Persident at Burford, will be speaking on the panel “Coffee and Conversations: Optimizing Corporate Litigation Portfolios Through Affirmative Recovery Programs” as part of the 42nd Annual Garrett Corporate and Securities and 61st Annual Corporate Counsel conference. The session will take place September 23 at 7:15am CDT.

For a corporate litigant, the decision to pursue an affirmative claim is sometimes fraught. In-house counsel are often well-trained in their approach to defending lawsuits, but less adept at spotting, valuing and pursuing affirmative litigation. Simultaneously, CFOs more frequently expect legal to be a business partner. This panel will discuss how legal finance providers work with CFOs and GCs to help them take concrete steps to unlock the value of their litigation claims.

The Corporate Counsel Institute was founded over 44 years ago and was the first program of its kind to offer general counsel an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges faced by in-house counsel. 

You can learn more about the event here.