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Burford Insights: How do we model and quantify legal risk?

March 9, 2022
Christopher Catalano

Burford Insights: How do we model and quantify legal risk?


Christopher Catalano is a Managing Director with responsibility for managing Burford’s global litigation finance portfolio and for overseeing the firm’s litigation data and analytics efforts. Prior to joining Burford, he was a Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at JPMorgan Chase, where he managed class actions and investigations involving the mortgage bank. In this video, he explains how Burford models and quantifies legal risk

  • Why lawyers sometimes doubt that it is possible to accurately quantify and model commercial litigation risk 

  • How legal financiers can helps companies and law firms to anticipate the likely outcomes of case and quantify risk 

  • Advice for in-house lawyers who wish to apply quantitative financial modeling to litigation decision-making 


This video was recorded on 14 February.

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