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Download Burford's Introduction to Legal Finance

September 29, 2023

In the last decade, legal finance—also called litigation finance or third-party funding—has become an essential tool for savvy corporations and high-growth law firms to manage the rising costs of commercial litigation and arbitration, maximize recoveries and offload risk.

Legal finance is no longer a new concept, but even with its continued growth, more lawyers know about it than truly understand how to use and benefit from it.

To help legal and finance professionals understand how using third-party capital can transform how they think about, pay for and manage legal cost and risk, Burford has created a comprehensive guide on the category.

Download Introduction to Legal Finance to learn about:

  • What legal finance is—and why corporations and law firms need to know about it

  • How using legal finance compares to self-funding legal costs

  • Answers to common questions about legal finance—from pragmatic questions like timing and costs, to issues like control and work product protection

  • How to choose a finance provider

To learn more about how financing can help your firm or business think differently about managing legal costs, fill out the form above.