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Data analytics and litigation: How AI will (and won’t) change the economics of law

September 12, 202311:30AM EST | 4:30PM BST


Leaders in integrated data analytics and AI explore how technologies have transformed how legal teams approach litigation and arbitration.

How do data analytics impact the economics of law—and how could they?  

Today, data analytics and artificial intelligence have become powerful tools that can assist legal professionals in making smarter decisions about commercial litigation and arbitration. But most companies still lack the breadth of experience and data in-house to evaluate and model their litigation portfolios. 

During this webcast, leading players in integrated data analytics and AI will explore how these technologies have transformed the way legal teams approach commercial litigation and arbitration, empowering them to make informed, strategic decisions.  The webcast will take place on September 12 at 11:30AM EST | 4:30PM BST.


  • Pablo Arredondo, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Casetext  
  • Nicole Bradick, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Theory and Principle
  • David Perla, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Burford Capital
  • Max Smith, Vice President, Burford Capital  
  • Ed Walters, Chief Strategy Officer, vLex