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Unearthing insights: Mining disputes in Australia

  • International arbitration
June 10, 20249:00 AM AWST | 11:00AM AEST


Join us for an informative webcast about pursuing and financing mining disputes in Australia.

Mining is a high-risk business where disputes are commonplace. Businesses face legal and regulatory risk, price fluctuations impacting margins and profits, and increased pressures relating to the global energy transition. Exploration and development will require a significant increase in capital investment and companies will need to consider alternative sources of finance.   

In this webcast, our expert panel considers trends in mining disputes and the use of legal finance as part of a strategy to generate liquidity, manage cost and reduce risk. 

Panelists will explore: 

  • Current challenges in the Australian mining and metals sector  

  • Key dispute trends in the industry  

  • Best practices in pursuing and financing arbitration  

The webcast will take place on June 10 at 9:00 AM AWST | 11:00AM AEST.  


Matt Lee Burford

Matt Lee
Principal, Burford Capital

Matt Lee is a Principal at Burford with responsibility for originating and underwriting investments seated in Australia and around the world, and for leading its operations in Australia.

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