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Law360 covers Burford’s Equity Project

October 22, 2019

In an article for Law360, Andrew Strickler writes that “Litigation funding behemoth Burford Capital on Wednesday said it will put its money where its mouth is on the issue of promoting gender parity in BigLaw, with an initiative known as The Equity Project.” He adds that “The announcement by the world’s largest legal investor comes as the latest industry data again points to an extended stall in terms of women in equity partnership positions.” Burford’s Aviva Will is quoted heavily:

“It's all about the money at law firms, and if you can figure out who holds the purse strings, that's where the power is. So the idea here is if we put capital behind women, maybe we can change the current dynamic and move the needle further, faster… [The $50 million] is a starting point for us. We wanted to make sure this is a serious commitment, but we’d like to see it grow if there is demand in the marketplace, and I expect there will be."

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