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International law firm portfolio

  • International arbitration
  • Portfolio finance


Global law firm
$50 million
Arbitration matters
Portfolio facility

Law firm challenge

A leading law firm wanted to expand its arbitration practice, offer more compelling terms to clients and receive the additional upside, but could not take additional alternative fee risk onto its balance sheet.

Burford legal finance solution

Burford worked with the firm’s head of global disputes to create a $50 million going-forward portfolio of potential matters that would each be placed into the portfolio as new case opportunities arose.

Legal finance impact

The assurance of having financing available for future matters gave the firm a competitive advantage over other top firms offering alternative fee options and ensured the firm would not have to turn down a strong case or a new client simply because it could not absorb additional risk. As a result of this flexible portfolio arrangement, the firm was able to expand its practice and increase its opportunity to earn highly profitable success fees, while limiting its exposure to a loss of its time and out-of-pocket cash investment.