Founded in 2009, Burford pioneered institutional-quality commercial legal finance and has a team of over 140 in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange-traded and with $5.5 billion committed to the legal market, Burford is the largest provider of specialized legal finance in the world—and a reliable and transparent partner. And we—and our clients—benefit from the guidance of one of the foremost legal finance ethics experts in the field. 

The Burford advantage

Clients that work with Burford benefit from our scale, access to permanent capital, track record and expertise in commercial legal finance.

Although we are passive investors and do not control the matters in which we invest, clients welcome the value we add beyond capital. Working with clients at any stage, we:

  • Respond quickly with in-house expertise
  • Offer competitively priced capital
  • Close transactions efficiently
  • Offer value adds like helping clients build litigation budgets and develop damages theories, commenting on draft briefs, joining moot courts and assisting in expense management

Why Burford

Finance professionals and lawyers trust Burford as the world’s most experienced, transparent and well-capitalized provider of finance to the legal market.


Committed in 2021

In 2021, Burford committed $1.1 billion to companies and law firms

Requests for funding

Over the course of Burford’s history, Burford has received at least 11,000 requests for funding

12-year track record

Burford has a 12-year track record of profitability and client success

Accuracy of modeled outcomes

Burford predicted returns on concluded matters in its portfolio with 96% accuracy