Law firm solutions

The world’s best firms rely on us for capital that helps them serve clients, compete for new business and invest in growth.

Finance for law firms

Burford enables law firms to act decisively, make strategic decisions and expand their risk tolerance—without the constraints of limited capital.

In the “new normal” of discounts, alternative fee models and hyper-competition, capital from Burford gives law firms greater flexibility to meet client pressure for reduced or alternative fees. We can finance ongoing attorneys’ fees and out-of-pocket costs. Our investment is non-recourse, meaning we are compensated only if the litigation is successful.

We do much more than third-party litigation funding: We provide strategic capital to law firms that helps them expand their practice or business, without taking on new costs or risks.

Our solutions are flexible and relevant throughout the process: We can provide financing for one or many matters on a single-case or portfolio basis, at any stage. We help firms finance pending matters, de-risk judgments pending appeal or accelerate litigation-related payments post-settlement.

The Burford advantage

Burford sets benchmarks that others follow.

As the world’s largest provider of capital to the legal market, we have the scale to commit as much as $100 million in a single law firm portfolio—and we are structured to commit for the duration and with the right incentives in place. This alone makes us unique in our industry.

We’ve built the industry’s most experienced and robust team. We do all of our underwriting in-house—so we can be quick, precise and insightful in responding to law firm needs. We add value beyond capital, with former heads of AmLaw 50 litigation departments who speak to our clients as peers.

Expertise from all angles


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