Business solutions

Companies from startups to the Fortune 500 work with us to manage legal cost and risk, pay for litigation and resolve its accounting impact on corporate balance sheets.

Manage legal cost and risk

Businesses need new solutions to address the fundamental challenges they face due to ever-rising legal costs and the uncertainty of pursuing meritorious high-value commercial litigation.

Litigation can be financed—just like any other corporate expense. Yet most corporations still pay for legal costs out of pocket, and that has a profoundly negative financial impact: Reducing operating profits, impacting publicly reported earnings, and thus valuation. Litigation finance removes this problem by shifting the cost and risk of pursuing high-value litigation off corporate balance sheets.

Burford helps corporate teams leverage meritorious litigation to unlock capital for business growth and transform the legal department from a cost center to a profit center.

We work with companies from startups to the Fortune 500, developing innovative solutions that address their needs as both plaintiffs and defendants. Our solutions are flexible and relevant throughout the process: We can provide financing for one or many matters on a single-case or portfolio basis, to help clients finance pending matters, de-risk judgments pending appeal or accelerate post-settlement funds.

The Burford advantage

With three former Fortune 50 GCs on our team, Burford leads innovation in litigation finance for corporate legal teams. We created a $45 million portfolio for a FTSE 20 company to finance commercial litigation—and the media called us “groundbreaking”.

We’re the world’s largest publicly traded provider of specialized finance for law. Corporate teams can consult our audited financial statements—and trust that we have the scale and longevity to support their needs, with the right incentives in place.

With the industry’s most experienced team, we add value beyond capital, and we do all of our underwriting in-house—so we can be quick, precise and insightful in our response to clients’ needs.

Expertise from all angles


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