Law firms

Law is a buyer’s market, and in that intensely competitive market, law firms need third-party capital.  

What we do

From hourly fee firms that need flexible client pricing solutions to contingent fee firms that need a risk-sharing partner, law firms work with Burford to provide legal finance that helps them better serve clients, win new business and invest in firm growth.

Burford provides capital to law firms on a single-case and portfolio basis, at every stage of the legal process, including fees and expenses. We act as passive investors and do not control strategy or settlement decision-making, and our capital is almost always provided as a non-recourse investment, shifting risk from the firm to Burford.

How we help

  • Bridge gap between hourly fee models and client budgets
  • Equip firms to pursue new business and expand practice areas
  • Accelerate payment of post-settlement payments and client receivables
  • Enforce outstanding litigation judgments and awards
  • De-risk judgments pending appeal

Why Burford

Just as law firms counsel clients to hire the best lawyer for the case, law firms want a legal finance partner with the best quality capital and the longest track record—and that’s why law firms choose Burford.

As the world’s largest provider of capital to the legal market, we have financed $10 to 130+ million law firm portfolios—and we are structured to commit for the duration and with the right incentives in place.

With more than 55 lawyers on our team, drawn from the world’s most respected firms, we conduct our investment process entirely in-house. We’re quick, precise and insightful in responding to law firms, and we speak to our clients as peers.

Unparalleled capabilities

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Burford is the world’s leading driver of growth for law firms through litigation finance and capital resources.

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Lawyers trust Burford as the world’s most experienced, transparent and well-capitalized provider of finance to the legal market.

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