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Risk management insurance

Remove adverse costs risk

Burford can provide insurance for matters we are funding to protect our clients from adverse costs risk, through our own wholly owned insurer, Burford Worldwide Insurance Limited (BWIL).

How it works

After-the-event (ATE) insurance protects against the downside risk of having to pay an adverse costs order if the policyholder loses its claim. The premium for these policies is either payable upfront or, in the event of a successful resolution, the premium is paid from sums recovered in the case.

Recognizing the disconnect between ATE insurance and large, risky commercial disputes, Burford launched BWIL to address the demand for adverse costs protection among its clients. Burford offers its clients the complete package: Financing for the costs of pursuing the dispute, and insurance policies that protect against the risk of potentially tens of millions in adverse costs in case of loss.  

Avoid downside exposure

The insurance policy is paid for by the legal finance provider who answers to any adverse costs liability if the claim is unsuccessful.

Maintain upside in outcome

Claimants have upside participation in the outcome if the claim is successful.

Pursue high-value pursuits

Claimants can pursue significant litigation in cost-shifting jurisdictions.