Legal claims are assets—sometimes extremely valuable ones—but they are highly illiquid and carry a huge amount of uncertainty as to timing and outcome. Legal finance enables companies and firms to unlock cash flows associated with their legal assets.

What we do

For appropriate high-value matters, Burford advances a portion of the potential award on a non-recourse basis.

Monetization for companies

Companies can thus remove downside risk, control timing and accelerate cash flows to the business.

Unlocking the future value of cases guarantees financial results on an accelerated basis—providing an immediate inflow of cash that companies can use for flexible business purposes.

Monetization for law firms

Law firms can accelerate payment of contingent receivables when the timing or ultimate receipt of possible fees remains uncertain.

For law firms, fee monetization provides a robust tool to de-risk contingent matters and provides immediate revenue for the firm.

How we help

  • Accelerate the timing of high-value claims
  • Advance cash that may be used for business purposes unrelated to litigation
  • Remove risk from pending awards


Why Burford

Burford offers competitive pricing for award monetization and has a 12-year track record of working with the world’s largest companies and top law firms.

As the world’s best-capitalized provider of legal finance, Burford has the capacity to close transactions quickly and at scale.

Contact our experts

Burford conducts all investment diligence in-house—so we can be quick, precise and creative in our response.

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