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Post-settlement financing

Alleviate the burden of waiting to be paid


Burford offers a range of financing solutions to solve the “timing problem” of awards and judgments by providing immediate liquidity to businesses and law firms when the only remaining challenge is collection.


How it works

Burford can purchase a portion of a law firm’s outstanding receivables, allowing the firm to convert its receivables to cash and preserve valuable client relationships. In hourly fee matters, this generates revenue regardless of when clients ultimately pay bills. In resolved contingent fee matters, it generates revenue even if a court has not yet approved a settlement or payment is delayed for some other reason.

For businesses, Burford can provide non-recourse capital to the judgment or award holder after settlement in a successful litigation or arbitration, in exchange for some portion of the final recovery.

Preserve client relationships

The law firm’s collection process is not disrupted, and lawyers avoid pushing valuable clients for payment.

Avoid discounts

Burford’s capital is generally cheaper than the discounts offered to clients in exchange for payment.

Recognize revenues immediatley

With Burford’s financing, the law firm can recognize revenue without taking on debt.