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After investing untold wealth developing intellectual property, many companies, universities and other entities face the challenge of justifying spending still more to protect that IP through enforcement or litigation. Legal finance offers a means for companies (and the firms that represent them) to protect their IP assets while offloading the cost and risk of doing so.

What we do

With legal finance, the future value of outstanding patent and trade secret disputes can be used to advance capital, either to pay legal fees and expenses or for other business purposes.

Legal finance enables clients with meritorious positions in IP litigation matters—and their law firms—to pursue claims and protect assets without taking on additional cost or risk.

For clients, legal finance helps ensure that the company can protect IP with the best counsel and to de-risk litigation. Burford can also help companies launch new products in IP-heavy sectors by mitigating the risk of vaulting the complex legal and regulatory hurdles to gain approval.

For law firms with significant IP practices, Burford’s financing provides a foundation to work with existing clients and to pursue new business with competitive terms locked in. IP is a risky but high-value practice area, and legal finance enables firms to compete for the best opportunities without taking on more risk than they can afford.

How we help

  • Fund fees and expenses for litigation
  • Provide non-recourse financing for portfolios of matters
  • Equip firm to build IP practice without increasing risk
  • Shift and cost risk from client or firm to Burford

Why Burford


IAM Strategy 300 honorees

Burford’s IP team includes 4 of the world’s top-ranked IP strategists.

Fee-shifting protection

Fee shifting protection to mitigate the risks patent owners face under 35 U.S.C. § 285.

Most innovative

Burford’s IP team has earned a reputation for being the most innovative in the business.

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Burford has the deepest bench in IP legal finance.

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