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Burford Insights: What’s ahead in healthcare litigation?

March 15, 2021
Andrew Cohen

Burford Insights: What’s ahead in healthcare litigation?


The healthcare industry has faced a high number of multibillion-dollar disputes in recent years ranging from mass tort actions, insurance coverage actions, antitrust and patent litigation. 

Burford's Andrew Cohen is a Director with responsibility for assessing and underwriting legal risk as well as for monitoring policy and regulatory issues in the legal finance industry. Prior to joining Burford, he was a litigator at Debevoise & Plimpton, where he specialized in litigation and regulatory matters involving financial institutions and complex financial products. In this video, he explains what's ahead for healthcare litigation: 

  • Key 2020 healthcare litigation cases

  • How economic pressures will impact how market participants think about their litigation assets 

  • How a new US administration will affect litigation trends in the healthcare industry

This video was recorded on 19 January. 

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