Burford Capital on the NYSE: A new era for legal finance

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Christopher Bogart

Christopher Bogart

Chief Executive Officer

Former EVP & General Counsel, Time Warner


Burford’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange is not just a pivotal moment in its history but also brings increased visibility to the global commercial legal finance market.  

Burford’s CEO and co-founder Christopher Bogart is one of the most frequently cited and sought-after experts by legal and financial press. In this video, he explains the impact of Burford’s US listing including:

  • How the listing will make the category more visible—particularly to C-suite executives in large companies

  • The legal finance industry as a potentially transformative tool for CEOs, CFOs and GCs to unlock the value of their legal assets

  • Why the NYSE listing benefits our clients by guaranteeing the same institutional quality financial service that they expect from their other corporate finance providers

This video was recorded on 14 October 2020.

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