Burford Insights: What does new research tell us about the future of legal finance?

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Greg McPolin

Greg McPolin

Managing Director

Former Chief Operations Officer, Thomson Reuters LMS


Burford's latest research, the 2020 Legal Finance Report, reveals that in-house and law firm lawyers alike seek long-term solutions to business challenges and agree that legal finance will be increasingly critical. 

Burford’s Greg McPolin, Managing Director with responsibility for Burford’s North American origination and business development efforts, has years of experience in both legal tech and legal finance. In this video, he explains what Burford’s 2020 Legal Finance Report reveals about the future of legal finance, including:

  • The most significant and surprising findings from the report

  • The trend towards companies monetizing pending claims and awards to generate cash in the downturn

  • The most important factors that lawyers consider when selecting a legal finance partner

This video was recorded on 16 October 2020.

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