A message from Burford’s CEO on the future of the legal industry

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Christopher Bogart

Christopher Bogart

Chief Executive Officer

Former EVP & General Counsel, Time Warner


While 2020 brought upheaval and tragic loss, it was nonetheless a year of accomplishment and growth for Burford that leaves us even better equipped to be your partner for the opportunity that lies ahead.

Burford’s CEO and Co-Founder Christopher Bogart is one of the most frequently cited and sought-after experts by legal and financial press. In this video, he updates clients on Burford’s year in 2020 and explains what to expect in the year ahead:

  • Key milestones for Burford’s business in 2020

  • Emerging trends in legal finance and the business of law

  • What Burford’s 2020 business performance means for our clients

This video was recorded on 19 March 2021.

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