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Burford Insights: How is the food industry using invisible assets to power a rebound?

Learn how Covid-19 has impacted the food sector and how the industry is using "invisible" legal assets to enhance liquidity.

Reduced operating capacity has left many restaurants facing unprecedented cash constraints and business pressures; meanwhile, food service suppliers have been dealing with the logistical bottlenecks associated with distribution disruption. Against this background, liquidity and certainty are business imperatives for many in the food industry.

Burford's Rufus Caine is a Senior Vice President with responsibility for helping companies, in-house legal teams and their law firms optimize the value of their legal assets, including providing financing to maximize recovery proceeds and build high-value affirmative recovery programs. In this video, he explains how the food industry is using invisible assets to power a rebound: 

  • The legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic on the food sector 

  • What high-profile claims are facing the food sector 

  • How food companies are leverage their "invisible" legal assets to enhance liquidity 

This video was recorded on 19 May 2021.

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