Burford Insights: What does innovation in the business of law look like now?

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David Perla

David Perla

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Former Co-Founder & CEO, Pangea3


The Covid-19 pandemic presents both challenges and opportunities for the legal industry, including opportunities to innovate and better manage legal risk.

Burford's Co-Chief Operating Officer David Perla is an entrepreneur and legal industry leader with expertise in building high-growth legal and technology-driven businesses. He was named a Top 50 Innovator of the Last 50 Years by The American Lawyer. In this video, he explains what innovation in the business of law looks like now, including: 

  • How the pandemic has changed the legal industry and which of those changes are here to stay 

  • Which lessons on innovation in other industries and businesses can be adapted to the legal industry 

  • The challenges and opportunities going forward in the business of law 

This video was recorded on 14 July. 

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