Burford Insights: What are the key trends in insolvency litigation?


According to Bloomberg Law, there was $1 trillion of distressed debt in the US as of March 2020. Ongoing global market volatility will see an inevitable rise in insolvencies over the coming months and years, with The Economist estimating that the current economic crisis will expose a decade's worth of corporate fraud.  

Burford's Robin Ganguly, Counsel with responsibility for assessing and underwriting legal risk, has extensive experience of litigation and arbitration involving commercial, financial and insolvency disputes. In this video, he explains the key insolvency trends today including:

  • The key challenges facing insolvency experts and lawyers in the current environment 

  • Whether courts and practitioners are better prepared to deal with large complex insolvencies given the shift towards a rescue culture following the 2008 Financial Crisis 

  • How legal finance will reshape the contentious insolvency landscape going forward

This video was recorded on 19 August 2020. 

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