Burford Insights: How can law firm finance professionals achieve value for law firms?

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Alyx Pattison

Alyx Pattison

Senior Vice President

Former Partner, Katten


Today’s law firms are operating within an increasingly competitive environment where clients are becoming increasingly demanding, both in terms of service and making sure that they are keeping their expenses down. Central to this are the law firm finance professionals who help determine a firm’s financial strategy and ensure that it can offer competitive services at an acceptable rate of return.

Burford's Alyx Pattison is a Vice President with responsibility for originating new business with law firms and companies in the US. In this video, she explains how law firm finance professionals can achieve value for law firms:

  • How law firm financial professionals deliver value through financial decision-making and analysis 

  • How law firms can differentiate themselves by looking at different billing methods which can offer clients increased cost-certainty or value 

  • How legal finance can solve the partner compensation problem for hourly fee firms that have cases on contingency 

This video was recorded on 9 June 2021.

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