Burford Insights: What is the future of legal finance in Hong Kong?

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Emily Tillett

Emily Tillett

Vice President

Former Of Counsel, Allen & Overy


The opening of Burford's Hong Kong office reflects the growing interest in the region in financing Hong Kong-based arbitration and insolvency matters. The relatively recent introduction of the (Third Party Funding) (Amendment) Ordinance and the Code of Practice of Third-Party Funding of Arbitration was a long-anticipated development and provides a clear framework for third-party funding of international arbitrations seated in Hong Kong and sets out specific guidelines for funders operating there.

Burford Vice President Emily Tillett is a Hong Kong, Australian and New Zealand qualified lawyer with multijurisdictional expertise in complex commercial disputes. In this video, she explains the future of legal finance in Hong Kong: 

  • The opportunities for litigation finance is the Special Administrative Region?

  • Recent developments in insolvency funding in Hong Kong 

  • How Burford can help parties involved in arbitration and insolvency proceedings 


This video was recorded on 1 September 2021.

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