Burford Insights: Is India ready for legal finance?

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Quentin Pak

Quentin Pak


Former Executive Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


India has, though arguably not by design, leapfrogged many other jurisdictions in the way the market thinks about and applies legal finance. India has gone from being relatively new to legal finance to using finance in a very sophisticated way. 

Burford's Quentin Pak is a Director with responsibility for leading Burford’s office in Singapore and for expanding Burford’s resources to support clients in Asia. Prior to joining Burford, Mr. Pak was most recently the head of the Asia commodities business at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In this video, he explains the growth of legal finance in India: 

  • How law firms and companies in India think about legal budgeting

  • The rise of monetization and the future of legal finance in India

  • Potential challenges for the market development of legal finance products in India 

This video was recorded on 9 February 2021. 

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