Burford Insights: How will recent developments impact legal finance and judgment enforcement in offshore markets?

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Michael Redman

Michael Redman

Co-Head of EMEA

Former Director, Focus Intelligence Ltd.


There have been a number of recent decisions and legislative developments in offshore jurisdictions which improve the options available to litigants and reinforce the availability of legal finance. 

Burford's Michael Redman is a Managing Director and co-leads Burford’s global corporate intelligence, asset tracing and enforcement business. In this video, he explains how recent developments in offshore markets have impacted legal finance and judgment enforcement in the regions. 

  • The impact of the new Private Funding of Legal Services Bill 2020 in the Cayman Islands 

  • How the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Supreme Court decision in Crumpler v. Exential Investments Inc. clarifies the position of litigants and liquidators in the BVI

  • How will the BVI government's recent commitment to making beneficial company ownership publicly accessible information impact SPV secrecy in the region

This video was recorded on 27 May 2021. 

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