Burford Insights: How are UK companies unlocking their legal assets to solve business problems?


Throughout the pandemic, businesses in the UK have taken emergency loans from the government. But with recent headlines suggesting that banks will charge interest at crippling rates, CFOs will be looking at other ways to bring cash into their businesses.
Burford's Lucy Glyn is a Vice President with responsibility for developing and expanding Burford’s relationships with law firms and companies across the UK and Europe. Prior to joining Burford, she was Market Development Director for LexisNexis UK, where she was responsible for growing the company’s business with corporates. In this video, she explains how UK companies are unlocking their legal assets to solve business problems: 
  • Why companies should invest in affirmative recovery efforts despite Covid-19 creating pressures on spending

  • How legal finance can provide companies with liquidity without adding debt to balance sheets 

  • How companies can use new tools like monetization to advance the value and manage the risk of pending claims and awards

This video was recorded on 21 April 2021.

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