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Christopher Freeman to speak at Patent Masters™ Litigation 2021

Christopher Freeman, Vice President at Burford, will be speaking at Patent Masters™ Litigation 2021 as part of its panel titled “Billion Dollar Patent Verdicts: How, Why and Will the Federal Circuit Let Them Stand?”. The panel will take place as part of the final day of the virtual conference on Thursday, June 10.

The panel will delve into the several eye-popping patent infringement verdicts over the past year. In March 2021, Intel was ordered by a West Texas jury to pay $2.2 billion for infringement. In October 2020, Cisco Systems was ordered to pay $1.9 billion in a non-jury trial in Norfolk, Virginia, including a 2.5x multiple for “willful and egregious” conduct. Are these and other large patent verdicts aborations, or the new normal? While the Federal Circuit seems comfortable with damages up to a few hundred million, historically CAFC has found reasons to overturn or reduce these large verdicts. Will the Federal Circuit allow such large verdicts to stand appeal?

This inaugural Patent Masters™ Litigation program, presented by IPWatchdog®, and will focus on patent litigation in the United States.  You can find more details and register here.

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