Fees & expenses

Pursuing a high-stakes commercial claim is costlier and more uncertain than ever. As a result, clients may be challenged to pursue even the most meritorious claims—because they lack funds or have more urgent needs for their capital. The result is lost value for their businesses and for the law firms that serve them.

What we do

Litigation finance from Burford solves this problem. We provide capital so that meritorious commercial litigation can proceed.

By assuming the cost and risk of litigation, we help clients and lawyers transform claims from burdensome expenses to assets with upside potential. As a result, we help them add value to their businesses and their firms.

Burford provides capital that may be used to pay case-related fees and expenses, for one claim or for multiple matters. Capital is typically provided on a non-recourse basis, meaning repayment is contingent upon successful outcomes.

How we help

  • Provide non-recourse funding of legal fees and expenses at any stage
  • Enable clients to work with firm of choice
  • Create a “hybrid contingency” for firms under pressure for alternative or reduced fees
  • De-risk pending high-value claims

Why Burford

As the world’s largest provider of litigation finance, Burford has the scale and longevity to commit for the duration of high-stakes business litigation—and with the right incentives in place.

Contact our team

Our team adds value beyond capital, and we conduct our investment process entirely in-house—so we can be quick, precise and insightful in our response to companies and law firms.

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