Ever-rising legal costs and the inherent uncertainty of commercial litigation and arbitration create problems for companies that Burford helps solve.

What we do

Burford provides legal capital that companies can use to offload the cost and risk of pursuing meritorious litigation, whether on a single-case basis or as part of a larger recovery effort. We can also monetize pending awards, giving companies the ability to control the timing of cash flows relating their commercial litigation and arbitration assets.

We work with companies from startups to the Fortune 500. Our solutions are flexible, can be used at any stage of the legal process to finance matters on a single-case or multi-case portfolio basis, and work for both plaintiff and defense matters.

How we help

  • Offload legal fees and expenses and the risk of loss
  • Monetize and accelerate awards
  • Enforce outstanding judgments or awards
  • Work with counsel of choice
  • Create certainty around litigation budgets, timing and risk management

Why Burford

Burford is unmatched in the scale and reliability of our capital sources and the professionalism and transparency of our business practices. That matters to companies: We can meet their needs, for the duration of their disputes, with the right processes and incentives in place.

Our track record and expertise in providing legal finance capital to companies lead the industry. Founded in 2009, we created the first known portfolio for a company, a $45 million portfolio for a FTSE 20 company to finance commercial litigation.  

With 14 former in-house lawyers, including one Fortune 50 GC, on our team, Burford brings first-hand understanding of the legal finance opportunities of companies of all sizes.

Unparalleled capabilities

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Burford is the world’s leading driver of growth for in-house legal teams through litigation finance and capital resources.

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Lawyers trust Burford as the world’s most experienced, transparent and well-capitalized provider of finance to the legal market.

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