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Corporate IP divestitures continue to gain momentum, powered by legal finance

  • Patent & IP
January 11, 2024
Katharine Wolanyk & Christopher Freeman
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More and more, companies with significant intellectual property have been exploring corporate divestitures as vehicles for monetizing their patent portfolios. If a company does not have the business flexibility or internal expertise to directly monetize its IP, financed divestiture can offer a bespoke solution to outsourced monetization. For companies seeking to extract value from their IP, it’s imperative that they understand the sophistication of financial structures currently available to them. In all likelihood, they’re sitting on millions—legal finance can help them access it.

Companies with valuable intellectual property are increasingly turning to monetization for a myriad of reasons, ranging from strategic to tactical. Often, it is in response to uncertain economic conditions, where the company’s legal team has been tasked with fin…

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