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Insolvency funding in the offshore markets

  • Bankruptcy & insolvency
July 29, 2020

Companies around the world continue to feel the economic burden of Covid-19. Now more than ever, solutions to aid in the restructuring and insolvency context can be crucial in allowing stakeholders to pursue valuable claims that otherwise may have to be abandoned or settled.

This hour-long webcast hosted by Burford is aimed at the offshore market to provide insights from top practitioners into lessons learned from the 2008 Financial Crisis, what is being seen in the market now, and what is expected to follow in this downturn. We also highlight innovative tools that law firms and in-house counsel can use during the downturn.

The webcast is moderated by Burford’s Connor Murphy and features an esteemed list of panelists including:

  • Robin Ganguly, Counsel at Burford Capital
  • Russell Crumpler, Managing Director, Advisory at KPMG British Virgin Islands
  • Simon Conway, Advisory Leader at PwC Cayman Islands 
  • Felicity Toube QC, Barrister at South Square London

Watch the webcast to learn:

  • What challenges are facing insolvency experts in the current environment
  • The state of the law regarding litigation funding in insolvency in key offshore markets
  • How the insolvency litigation arena will unfold in light of the continuing economic uncertainty
  • How legal finance can be used as a tool for maximizing recoveries for insolvency estates

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