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Matthew Toma to speak at Roschier Arbitration Forum 2022

  • International arbitration
May 13, 2022

Matthew Toma, Research Director at Burford, will be speaking at the Roschier Arbitration Forum (RAF), a full-day and free-of-charge event on current arbitration issues. The forum will take place for the 12th time on May 13.

This year’s panels will be composed of leading arbitration practitioners as well as experienced in-house counsel and will address a number of issues relating to M&A Disputes. M&A deals have long been a means for companies to grow in size and leapfrog their rivals. Although the parties to an M&A deal typically do not foresee that a dispute will arise, it is certainly a potential aspect of any deal. And when a dispute unfolds, it often raises significant concerns for the parties. These kinds of disputes—relating not only to warranty, indemnity and price adjustment issues, but also tax covenants, fraud and other matters—will form the backdrop to this year’s discussions.

Roschier is a law firm built established in 1936 with the central value of commitment to professional ethics and the broader role of the lawyer in society. Throughout the years, the firm has become known for “the Roschier thumbprint”, a relentless focus on the highest quality of output and client service and a commitment to teamwork and respect for one’s colleagues.