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Legal Finance Case Studies

July 22, 2021


Download to see sample legal finance deals from Burford’s multi-billion-dollar portfolio, including accelerating Fortune 100 company’s claim for immediate working capital.

Legal finance turns illiquid assets into working capital for the business

Peer companies are increasingly using legal finance to manage and reduce legal costs, eliminate the downside risk of pending commercial claims and generate working capital on their preferred timelines.

Reviewing case studies that lay out the uses and benefits of legal finance is the most effective way to learn about it. These real-world case studies offer examples of how peer companies have used legal finance. 

To view sample deals from Burford’s billion portfolio, download the Case Study Booklet.


  1. Accelerating Fortune 100 company’s claim for immediate working capital

  2. Preserving OPEX while pursuing bet-the-company litigation

  3. Equipping a company to reach its target settlement