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Burford Insights: Are GCs warming to affirmative litigation?

  • Asset recovery
December 15, 2020

Burford Insights: Are GCs warming to affirmative litigation?


During a period of market volatility, cash is king. According to Burford's 2020 Legal Finance Report, 61% of in-house lawyers are likely to pursue affirmative recovery programs in the downturnconverting their legal liabilities into assets to help generate revenue. 

Burford's Rufus Caine, Vice President with responsibility for helping companies, in-house legal teams and their law firms optimize the value of their legal assets, previously served in various roles at Axiom Law. As a director, he was accountable for working with leading in-house legal departments and managing executive level relationships, including with several Fortune 100 companies. In this video, he explains whether GCs are warming to affirmative litigation and addresses: 

  • How in-house lawyers can marshal internal support for pursing affirmative recoveries 

  • The different ways legal finance can be used to unlock the value of company assets 

  • The most common questions asked by in-house lawyers about legal finance 

This video was recorded on 20 November 2020. 

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