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Burford Insights: How can men help close the gender gap in law?

  • Law firm equity
March 3, 2021

Burford Insights: How can men help close the gender gap in law?


Without the invested support of men—often the most powerful stakeholders in large corporations and law firms—significant progress towards ending gender disparity in the legal industry and in wider business is unlikely.

Founder and Chair of InterLaw Diversity Forum Daniel Winterfeldt QC (Hon) is a champion of diversity in the business of law and partner in the Global Capital Markets practice at Reed Smith. He is widely considered a foremost speaker and change-maker within the legal diversity space. In this video, he explains the role of men in closing the gender gap in law: 

  • Why gender inequality is not simply a "women's issue" 

  • The importance of male lawyers in positions of influence to advocate for women 

  • How clients can use their ultimate power of the purse to drive change

This video was recorded on 8 February 2021.

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