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Video: How we work with law firms

February 13, 2024
Hannah Howlett


Burford's Hannah Howlett explains how law firms work with Burford. Watch the video to learn more. A full transcript can be found below.

There are a number of ways law firms use legal finance to build their business. I'll focus on just three.

First, legal finance can help keep existing clients happy. Even in good economic times. Clients experience fee fatigue around their claims and recoveries. Legal finance acts as a synthetic contingency. We pay lawyers' fees and expenses, expanding a firm's capacity to meet client demand for risk sharing and innovation.

Second, we can help law firms increase profitability and win new clients. We create capital facilities based on a portfolio of existing or going forward matters. This helps law firms offer client friendly terms, expand practice areas, grow contingency portfolios, and open new offices, or without taking on excessive levels of contingent risk.

Third, we can help law firms manage their cash flow portfolios, offset the risks associated with case outcomes and realization rates, and manage partner compensation for contingent work within an hourly billing structure. We can also help firms manage the timing of revenues by monetizing expected fees and accelerating client receivables.

Law firms choose to work with Burford because we're the gold standard in legal finance. We have top tier talent taken from the world's leading law firms. We do all our diligence in-house and we're fast and easy to work with. We are multiples larger than our nearest competitor and have ample capital to meet our client's requirements. And importantly, clients choose to work with Burford because we truly act a partner to their success.