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Video: How we work with businesses

February 6, 2024
Daniel Hall


Burford's Daniel Hall explains how Burford can work with businesses of all sizes. Watch the video to learn more. A full transcript can be found below.

There are many ways businesses use Burford capital for legal finance. I can focus on a few.

Businesses use our funding for high value claims. We'll fund the fees and expenses enabling the business to maximize recoveries and minimizing the P&L impact whilst eliminating all the downside risk. Businesses work with counsel of their choice and they're in control.

We help businesses with their cash flow. Ultimately monetizing and de-risking their high value disputes. We can accelerate up to 50% the expected entitlements from a claim, a judgment or an award, and ultimately businesses can use that capital today, whether they fund their legal department or reinvest elsewhere in the business.

Lastly, many businesses have uncollected judgments where the judgment debtors just don't pay. At Burford, we have an asset recovery team, which transforms this legal paper into cash, ultimately ensuring that businesses don't leave money on the table.

Clients can come to us with funding for one big case or a portfolio of multiple matters. We create a bespoke solution and ultimately it's non-recourse. It's not debt, it's not a traditional loan. You stay in control, and we take the risk.

Clients come to us because we're the gold standard in legal finance. We have top tier talent from some of the best law firms in the world. We do all of our diligence in-house, and we try and make it as fast and as easy for our counterparties as possible. We are multiples larger than our competitors, which means we have the capital the client will need. Ultimately, we try and be a partner to make businesses stronger and to maximize the value in the legal assets that that business has.