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Penn Law School profiles Burford Co-COO and Penn alumnus David Perla on his leadership at Burford, with a focus on The Equity Project

  • Diversity in law
March 2, 2022

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School profiles Burford Co-COO and alumnus David Perla (C’91, L’94) on his leadership at Burford and how Burford is making the legal industry more equitable through The Equity Project.

In the piece, Perla says, "'The decision to donate a portion of the proceeds was a reaction to feedback that pointed out that we were calling attention to the issue but not funding cases we wouldn’t otherwise fund...So, in order to really try to move the needle, we added an economic incentive: when an Equity Project 2.0 matter resolves, we will donate a portion of our balance sheet profits from that matter to a charity or charities that help advance women or racially diverse lawyers in law.'"

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