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Burford's Rupert Black on Recovering Judgment Debts through Cryptocurrencies

  • Asset recovery
November 1, 2022

Burford's Rupert Black authors a piece for the International Financial Law Review on recovering judgment debts through cryptocurrencies.

As he writes, "...bad debtors who don’t want to pay may choose to store their liquid assets as digital assets as a way of putting them beyond the reach of creditors and stymieing any potential recovery...

"Contending with a recalcitrant debtor or sophisticated fraudster who is hiding wealth in digital currencies may seem like a dead end. However, while digital assets cannot be seized in the same way that physical assets can, they may still be recoverable with expert help. Finding a path to recovery requires expertise, investment and creative problem-solving. Funded asset recovery can enable clients and law firms to recover judgments and awards, without adding cost and risk to corporate balance sheets."

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