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Burford Insights: How important are accurate damages expectations?

  • Kelly Daley

Burford regularly works with corporations and the law firms that represent them to unlock the value of litigation assets. When prospective legal finance users come to Burford, they frequently ask how we value claims and calculate probable damages expectations. 

Burford's Kelly Daley, Director with responsibility for assessing and underwriting legal risk, was previously a senior litigator as Orrick Herrington. Her practice focused on the litigation needs of media and technology companies, including intellectual property litigation, contract disputes, content protection and product liability. In this video, she explains the importance of accurate damages expectations: 

  • How legal financiers value claims and key factors that can impact damages

  • How Burford can help law firms and their clients anticipate likely outcomes of a case and quantify risk

  • How corporate claimants can pursue high-value matters most cost-effectively 


This video was recorded on 23 September. 

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