Burford Insights: How should companies think about managing risk in 2021?

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Aviva Will

Aviva Will

Co-Chief Operating Officer

Former Assistant General Counsel, Time Warner


With continuing economic fallout from Covid-19, commercial disputes will inevitably increase, and with businesses husbanding their capital, companies and their legal partners will need to seek innovative solutions.

Burford's Co-Chief Operating Officer Aviva Will has nearly a decade of experience investing in and managing the world’s largest portfolio of commercial litigation and arbitration risk. She is ranked by Chambers & Partners and has been named as a New York Law Journal Trailblazer. In this video, she explains how companies should think about managing legal risk in 2021:

  • The evolution of legal finance since the 2008 recession

  • The role that legal assets can play in optimizing liquidity 

  • How companies can maximize their recovery efforts 

This video was recorded on 28 January 2021.

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