Burford Insights Part 1: How can companies maximize recoveries by opting-out of group litigations?

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Kelly Daley

Kelly Daley

Managing Director

Former Senior Litigator, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe


Kelly Daley is a Managing Director and the head of Burford's Chicago office where she leads the US commercial underwriting group in assessing and structuring investments in high-value commercial litigation. Prior to joining Burford, Ms. Daley was a senior litigator at Orrick Herrington. In this video, she explains how companies can maximize recoveries by opting out of group litigations: 

  • What it means to opt out of a group litigation and the risks and rewards of doing so 

  • Why companies haven't historically chosen to opt out in the past and why this is changing

  • The risk- and cost-shifting benefits to using legal finance as part of an opt out 

  • Real life examples of how legal finance is used in an opt out scenario 


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This video was recorded on 8 April.

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