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Deep-dive into legal finance for the Asia market (2-part webinar): Part I

  • Quentin Pak, James MacKinnon

The use of outside capital in the legal industry is becoming increasingly widespread. And yet many lawyers and clients still lack direct experience with a tool that many lawyers deem essential.

In this hour-long webcast, Quentin Pak, James MacKinnon and Robin Ganguly from the Burford origination and investment teams provide an in-depth discussion on the merits of using legal finance, the practical considerations of working with a funder and an overview of Burford’s investment process.

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Part 1: Burford Director Quentin Pak and Vice President James Mackinnon discuss the case for using legal finance; examine typical funding structures and explain the case assessment process.

By watching the webcast, you will learn:

• How legal finance can provide funding and risk-diversification benefits to parties involved in litigation
• Funding structures such as single case funding and portfolio financing
• How Burford’s due diligence and investment processes work
• Ways in which funders can add value during case review

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