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Emily Slater and Greg McPolin to host a live speaker session at Insolvency2020

Burford Managing Directors Emily Slater and Greg McPolin will be hosting a session at Insolvency 2020 on October 26, between 10:00 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT.

Greg and Emily will walk attendees through two litigation finance case studies based on two styles of investment, including the diligence process, what makes cases attractive for litigation finance, term-sheet negotiation, transaction documentation, and reporting on the case after investment.

In addition, the session will review the ways in which litigation funders can add value to the litigant and counsel in the litigation process, from the initial risk assessment of the case to case management and resolution. Attendees will learn what to expect during the diligence process for assessing cases for funding, how funders approach pricing for litigation finance and claim monetizations, and how funders interact with clients and counsel on funded cases.

Insolvency 2020 combines the education and networking power of 16 partner organizations while providing a flexible schedule of online sessions, creative optional events and virtual networking opportunities.

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