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The state of securities fraud claims against insolvent companies

  • Michael Sternhell

As the value of distressed corporate debt approaches $1 trillion and corporate bankruptcies increase, the escalating economic crisis could expose a decade’s worth of corporate fraud.

Burford Director, Michael Sternhell, along with Marc Kirschner, Senior Managing Director at Goldin Associates, a Teneo Company, and Michael Lange, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Litigation at Financial Recovery Technologies (FRT), host a complimentary webcast discussing the treatment of securities fraud claims against insolvent issuers in the United States and key jurisdictions in Europe.

Attendees will learn:

  • The varying approaches by courts in the US, UK and Australia to implementing the absolute priority rule
  • An overview of the more claimant friendly approach adopted by several continental European jurisdictions
  • How the different approaches have impacted the recovery strategies of institutional investors in recent high profile cases such as PG&E and wirecard 

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Michael Sternhell