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Helping a Fortune 500 monetize a valuable antitrust claim

  • Antitrust & competition
  • Monetization


Fortune 500 company
$29 million
Antitrust claim

Challenge: Fortune 500 faced pressure to cut costs

A household name Fortune 500 company had a large meritorious opt-out antitrust claim against producers for anticompetitive collusion. Simultaneously, the company was looking to cut costs due to revenue generation pressures following a brief decline in profits. 

Solution: $29 million advance to pursue litigation without incurring additional risk

Without ceding control of the matter, the client was able to monetize a meaningful portion of the expected proceeds from its opt-out claim and Burford provided $29 million in capital. Burford provided upfront capital for a portion of the opt-out claim, allowing the client to pursue the meritorious litigation without incurring additional downside risk.

Impact: Immediate cash infusion to offset revenue generation pressures

The company was able to realize the value locked away in the contingent legal assets significantly in advance of a litigation resolution and was able to use the immediate cash injection for strategic business purposes on the company’s schedule when it was needed.