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Investing in future growth

  • Asset recovery


PCB Litigation
Civil fraud & asset recovery
Equity investment

Challenge: Firm needed capital to fuel its growth

PCB Litigation, a Band 1 London-based boutique focused on civil fraud and asset recovery that routinely competes with larger full-service firms, needed an innovative financing solution to expand its risk-sharing capacity and help fuel its growth.

Solution: Combination capital facility and passive equity stake in firm

Seeking both cash and expertise in asset recovery, PCB worked with Burford to develop a cash and risk management solution that would enable the firm to continue to grow and reach its next stage of development. In a market first, Burford worked with PCB not only to finance a portfolio of matters going forward, but also to take a passive equity stake in the firm. To enable the equity stake, PCB converted into an approved ABS.

This flexibility enabled the firm to target new markets with its service offering, incorporating innovative fee structures better suited to clients’ challenges. In addition to this arrangement, the firm continues to partner with Burford’s Chambers-ranked asset recovery team to collaborate on solving client problems.

Impact: Expanded client base and business opportunity

After working with Burford, PCB finalized its merger with Byrne Partners, another leading London litigation boutique—further expanding the firm’s ability to reach clients.