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Financed corporate IP monetization

Legal finance has a critical role to play in IP monetization strategies. It can fund direct monetization through enforcement by shifting legal fees and expenses to a third party. When monetizing directly is not a fit for a company, financed divestitures can both remove the burden of patent office maintenance fees and ongoing patent prosecution legal fees and costs as well as generate significant liquidity for business. 


Benefits of a financed divestitures
  • Capital provision: Burford can provide finance acquisition capital for the initial patent purchase, funding for the legal fees and costs to be incurred as part of the future monetization strategy and working capital for the new patent owner’s entity

  • Resource access: Burford can introduce experienced legal counsel and other monetization resources to a potential buyer, enhancing the prospects of future success

  • Process facilitation: Burford can work directly with prospective bidders to evaluate monetization potential

  • Sale stability: Burford can provide assurance that an agreed transaction won’t fall apart due to lack of capital

  • Transaction confidentiality: Burford can provide a private transaction that can be structured in repeatable parts to smooth revenue over a longer financial period